Sunday 21 July 2019

Pulp links roundup - July 2019 edition part 2

More links from around the web.

Everett Raymond Kinstler, who passed away on May 26, remembered his illustration work in an interview, courtesy The Comics Journal.

Steven Brower: How did you get started?
Everett Raymond Kinstler: With the pulps. They were on 42nd Street and Third Ave. And they must have had a hundred pulp magazines. The owner was Harry Steeger. And there was one sort of rogue pulp magazine, being published and I remember the office was at Rockefeller Center. And the woman’s name was Dorothy McIlwraith. If you were to say to me how do you possibly remember 75 years ago, I am telling you I see her as clearly as I see you. And she had one publication, which was called Short Stories. That’s all they published and it was a monthly. 

A real life story that was the inspiration for Burroughs' Tarzan? Read on in ERBZine, the biggest online web fanzine for Tarzan.

Sam Moskowitz article on Virgil Finlay in Worlds of Tomorrow, November 1965. Covers his life and career. Scroll down a bit or search for "SAM MOSKOWITZ",

Reviews of Lawrence Block’s short story collections One Night Stands And Lost Weekends,  and Enough Rope including stories from the crime digests of the 1950s

A nice review of a new collection of early science fiction from the pulps and digests all written by women, courtesy the New York Review of Books. The collection is The future is female, compiled by Lisa Yaszek.

 The anthology dispels the commonly held belief that women didn’t participate much in science fiction before the Seventies and argues that a category of fiction often thought to be socially retrograde, technologically fetishistic, and poorly written is in fact rich in style and humanity. 

Saturday 13 July 2019

Pulp links roundup - July 2019 edition

[It's much easier to search than to research :-). And in that spirit of summer laziness, here's a quick roundup of pulp links from around the web.]

Weird Tales might be dead, but research into it is still going on today. And funded at a university too...courtesy the University of Arkansas.

John Locke of Off-Trail Publications gave an interview about Margie Harris, the queen of the gangster pulps.

A new book recently came out on modernism and the use of street slang in American writing. This interview with the book's author covers Dashiell Hammett's writing and correspondence, and a file of underworld slang found in his papers stored at the Harry Ransom Center of the University of Texas in Austin.

Book here (disable ad-blocker to see the link):

More academic research on the pulps. A call for papers on "The Age of the Pulps: the SF magazine, 1926–1960", from Maynooth University, Ireland.

Someone discovered a cache of pulp magazines under the floor boards of a house being demolished in Australia. Has anyone here made a find like this? Leave a note in the comments...

Saturday 6 July 2019

Donald Francis McGrew - Author, Journalist

I first came across one of Don McGrew's stories in The Frontier, a year ago. After reading one, i wanted more. Came across his other pirate story in The Frontier, thanks to It was as good as the first one, and i got interested. Here's what i found out about him.

Donald Francis McGrew, c. 1930
Donald Francis McGrew, c. 1930