Thursday 24 January 2013

Luke Short novels as comics (FREE)

Some Luke Short novels were also published as comics by Dell Publishing. Dell also published other western comics by Max Brand and other western authors. They have been scanned by some contributors to the amazing Internet Archive.

Here are the ones that I found:

1. Brand of Empire

2. Top Gun

3. Marauder's Moon

4. Trumpets West

5. King Colt

More Western comics here, here and here.


Friday 4 January 2013

Henry Oyen - Reporter, Pulp Author

Henry Oyen was a popular author from the early years of Adventure. He was a reporter before he became an author.

You can read a detailed biography of his life here.

Three full novels by Henry Oyen from Adventure for your reading pleasure:

  1. The Snow-Burner
  2. Gaston Olaf
  3. The Man Trail (Google Books, US only)