Saturday, 14 January 2017

H. A. DeRosso - photo found

Found a photo of H. A. De Rosso in the August, 1953 issue of Gunsmoke magazine and updated the article on him. Enjoy.

Fulton T. Grant - Author, Soldier, Newsman

I’ve been working on reviewing an issue of Blue Book magazine, and as part of the review I’ve been digging up information on the authors and illustrators of that issue. The previous entry about Leland Jamieson was a result of that research, as is this article. Hope you enjoy it.

Fulton T. Grant was an author who appeared almost exclusively in Blue Book magazine, which is where his writing career began in 1936. I enjoyed many of his stories in Blue Book about a reporter on the Paris News Desk of a US newspaper.

He made regular appearances from 1936 to 1941 (an average of 9 stories a year), and his writing career stopped in 1941 when he joined the US army. There were a couple of short stories from him in 1943 and 1946, and Fantastic reprinted one of his stories from Blue Book in 1964. But that was it before his death in 1949.

Author Fulton T. Grant (1897-1949)

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Leland Jamieson - Aviator, Author

This profile of Leland Jamieson originally appeared in the October 1940 issue of Flying and Popular Aviation Magazine. His aviation stories regularly appeared in the top magazines - Adventure, Blue Book, Collier's and the Saturday Evening Post

Leland Jamieson - Aviator, Author (1904-1941)
Leland Jamieson - Aviator, Author (1904-1941)

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Holman F. Day - Newspaperman, Novelist, Poet

Holman Day was an author who appeared in “Blue Book”, “Short Stories” and “The Popular Magazine”. I found a biographical article about him in the Lewiston Journal Sunday Magazine, January 18, 1969. It started with a reference to his home. I found a picture of it on Google maps, looks amazing. The interiors look even more amazing - take a tour of the house here.

Holman Francis Day, Author (1875-1935)
Holman Francis Day, Author (1875-1935)

Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Lost God - short story by John Russell - with illustrations

On the occasion of the recent biographical article on John Russell, i thought it would be good to share his most famous story as it originally appeared in a magazine . The story was published in the August 18, 1927 issue of Collier's magazine; it was illustrated by W. H. D. Koerner.

Collier's magazine, August 18, 1927
Collier's magazine, August 18, 1927

Download it here.