Saturday 16 October 2021

Free: One story every month

If you join my mailing list, I'll send one such story each month. The story might be a western, action, humorous, science fiction, fantasy, horror or anything that I like.

Stories which won't be worth reprinting on their own, but are still of interest to the readers of this blog. An unusual story for its genre, not long, not part of a series, or written by an author with a small output is hard to anthologize. But still worth reading.

Here's what I have lined up for the next 6 months:

A murdered man sends a message from beyond the grave.
A twisted tale of domestic malice involving diamonds and double dealing
Northwest noir from Murray Leinster
A pirate loots a Spanish galleon, and finds...
A grim western tale from a master of the genre
and a Johnston McCulley story.

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