Saturday 13 December 2014

Pulp cover art exhibition at the Portland Public Library, Maine

 The Portland Public Library is currently exhibiting the Robert Lesser collection of pulp cover art, and this is a video interview with Joshua David Bergey, grandson of pulp artist Earle K. Bergey. The video has some footage of the original paintings, including the original of this spectacular one from Weird Tales:

Weird Tales pulp magazine cover by J. Allen St. John
Weird Tales pulp magazine cover by J. Allen St. John

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  1. This is an interesting interview with the grandson of Earle Bergey. Bergey is one of my favorites, especially his work for STARTLING STORIES and THRILLING WONDER. The readers often complained about his sexy covers showing bug eyed monsters and scantily clad girls but I never had a problem with them. His early death while taking a stress test was a real loss.

    I never owned a Bergey painting but I had a chance to buy two of them from collector Gerry de la Ree. But back in 1989 $3,000 was more than I could afford.