Saturday 18 July 2015

Pulp author with a website of his own - James P. Webb

When I started reading the pulps, I was amazed that any of the magazines had survived this far. They were meant to be read and discarded. The authors and their stories had been forgotten by most people. Who'd have thought that a pulp author would have a website or could publish an ebook?

But here we are, and last week, I reviewed a collection of stories by Neil Martin, and I recently came across a website for the pulp western author James P. Webb, created by his son Sid Webb.

He's posted a story by his father from Wild West Weekly. More interestingly, he's posted the publication record of his work from 1939-1942. It shows his career as an author, which I plan to dive into greater detail later, once I've done some analysis on it.



  1. Thanks for finding and posting Webb’s link. Those old pulp writers were workhorses.

  2. Where can I find a link to an interview with Henry w ralston on doc savage where he discusses the character?