Friday 28 September 2012

Arthur S. Hoffman's birthday today - and a new fact about him

[From a letter to the Putnam County Courier, here’s an interesting fact about Arthur S. Hoffman on his birthday.]

Arthur S. Hoffman as Uncle Sam
Arthur S. Hoffman as Uncle Sam
Ernest H. Baker War Poster in Camps  
To the Editor:  
I should like, through the columns of your paper publicly to express my deep appreciation for the help and cooperation locally given me in the preparation of my war poster currently on display in Army camps. This poster is being used as the leader in a “Conservation of Equipment” campaign just inaugurated by the United States Army, and it is my understanding that it is being shown in all Army camps both here and abroad. Other posters by different artists, will, I believe, appear monthly over the period of a year.
Carmel residents will be Interested to know that Arthur S. Hoffman served gladly as the model for the militant “Uncle Sam” that the poster shows. Willitt Jewell gave freely of his time and materials to record photographically the poses taken by Mr. Hoffman. The time and labor of all concerned, including the artist, were given gratis.
I was asked to undertake this work by the Monroe H. Dreher Advertising Agency of New York, who are collaborating with the War Advertising Council and the United States Army In carrying out this program.
The poster seems to have been well received in Army circles, and any credit accruing therefrom must be shared by Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Jewell.
December 2, 1943

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  1. I've noticed that the Campfire letter column in ADVENTURE had extensive editorial comment from Hoffman indicating many times that he was a very patriotic man. He must have loved posing for this poster.