Saturday 4 August 2018

Pulpfest 2018 - trip report

Recently returned from Pulpfest 2018, a 4 celebration of the pulp magazines. This year, the theme was World War 1. As usual, the convention had something for everyone. A fantastic job by the organizing committee - thanks to Jack Cullers and his family, Barry Traylor, Mike Chomko, Chuck Welch and many others.

The Panels

John Fleming Gould was the subject of a talk by his son. The artist did about 15,000 illustrations for the pulps in his career. I just about remembered to take a photo.

I didn't take a photo during David Saunder's excellent talk on the artists take on World War 1 in the pulps. I was too absorbed.

A new department - the art show. Some photos from it later.

And the biggest reason for going there, the Alladin's cave that is the dealers room

View of Pulpfest 2018 dealer room from the entrance

View of Pulpfest 2018 dealer room from the other end

I nearly missed my own talk on Leonard H. Nason thanks to a delayed dinner. However, i managed to get my food in time by bribing our waiter to meet my deadline. In doing so, I also managed to delay the rest of the people at dinner and they mostly missed the talk. Pity.

The dealers

Just a few of those present.

John Gunnison of Adventure House in front of the Great Wall of Pulps

Tony Tollin of Sanctum Books had a lot of high grade hero pulps for sale

Chet Williamson had some high grade pulps


Craig Poole had some beauties for sale. Possible Underworld pulp cover - girl getting smoking gun from garter

Rafael De Soto sports pulp cover

As did Doug Ellis, who was off pulp hunting somewhere at the time this photo was taken


One of the large (bedsheet) size issues of Rangeland Romances

True Gang Life magazine

Phantom Detective issue

Black Book Detective

Triple-X Western

Attendees - A couple of the usual suspects.

Walker Martin - the man who collects everything

And Digges La Touche, the man who has everything and can't remember where he put it :-)

Auction Highlights

Marathon sessions on Friday and Saturday for the auctioneers and bidders

Edd Cartier Christmas card

Rafael De Soto preliminary for recreation of Spider cover

Mark Wheatley's artwork for Swords Against the Moon Men


  1. Excellent photos and comments Sai. It was a great weekend for collectors and the Double Tree Hotel in Pittsburgh is a really nice place. Dealer's room, program room, hospitality room and restaurant were all next to each other. Next up, the Adventure House convention being put on by John Gunnison in September.

  2. Thanks Walker. Enjoyed the convention and the hotel was excellent.

  3. Great writeup and photos.Always good to see you,Sai.Wish Con was longer.Always end too soon.
    Digges La Touche

    1. Sam here, Digges. Wish i didn't have to go back , then i think of the bills and I'm highly motivated to get back to work :-)