Saturday 24 November 2018

Link Roundup Nov 2018

A few interesting links, not pulp related but close.

Bram Stoker did not intend for Dracula to serve as fiction, but as a warning of a very real evil, a childhood nightmare all too real.

Worried of the impact of presenting such a story as true, his editor, Otto Kyllman, of Archibald Constable & Company, returned the manuscript with a single word of his own: No.

For many years, books considered trash or worthless were consigned here. That happened till the library found itself sitting on a irreplaceable collection of immense cultural and historical value . Sound familiar?

The Tower Collection is an Aladdin’s cave for book lovers and historians alike where valuable first editions jostle for shelf space alongside Victorian toys and games, colourful children’s books, Edwardian fiction (beautifully preserved in their original dust jackets) and popular magazines of the day.

Read more here, it's an excellent article. 

And finally, some heartwarming book news (I'm thankful to have books in my house).

The donkey libraries of Colombia

Travelling with his two loyal donkeys, Alfa and Beto, Luis Soriano has been spreading the joy of reading to children in rural Colombian communities for over 20 years.

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