Saturday 31 August 2019

Pulpfest 2019 trip report - photos

Lot of the photos i took this year were out of focus, which is why you won't see as many pictures of the artwork as usual. Sorry about that, but enjoy what i do have; there's quite a few rare pulps that I've never seen earlier in person in a decade of collecting...

Dealers room


Earle K. Bergey cover for Pep Stories

Sky Fighters cover

Norman Saunders cover for Mrs. Homicide by Day Keene

Harry Kirchner interior for Romantic Range

Charles L. Wrenn illustration

Harry T. Fisk cover for Outdoor Stories

Hamilton Greene cowboy illustration

Cover for Guns in the Valley by Paul Evan Lehman

H.W. McCauley interior for Day Keene story in Imagination

Rawhide Range by Ernest Haycox

Cover for The hinges of Hell by Stewart Sterling

Rare pulps

The Thrill book

Scotland Yard

Thrilling Tales

Nickel Detective

The Gang Magazine

Gang World

Western Adventures

Red Blooded Stories


Thrilling Stories

Thrilling Stories

Thrilling Stories

Under Fire

Detective Reporter

Brief Stories


Murder Mysteries

Blue Steel Magazine

Cool stuff around the dealers room

Weird stuff

Necronomicon (Holding this book felt fleshy and squishy)

That's all folks, till next year.


  1. As your photos show, there were many rare pulp titles at Pulpfest. I remember THE THRILL BOOK issue as being priced around $1000. Which would be a bargain price due to the rarity of THRILL BOOK but the condition was fair to poor. I've never owned a THRILL BOOK but I was once offered a complete set of the magazine but all I could come up with at the time(about 40 years ago), was $2500, so I did not get it.

  2. Terrific photo report, Sai. Thanks for sharing photos of the many rarities one can find at PulpFest. These may be the "pick of the crop," but there are plenty of bargains available at the convention as well. So for those who were not able to attend, start making your plans now to make PulpFest 2020 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Pittsburgh -- Cranberry in Mars, PA. It will take place August 6 - 9 and celebrate "Bradbury, BLACK MASK, and Brundage" (with a touch of Burroughs and Brackett thrown in for good measure). Learn more at