Friday 8 November 2019

New blog for pulp deals

From time to time, I come across cool pulps for sale, that for one reason or another don't fit into my collection. Maybe it's a duplicate, maybe it's something i don't collect or very rarely it's a pulp i own and would like to sell. I thought you'd like to see and maybe even buy them. If you do buy them, I sometimes get a small commission.

You can find the blog at or click on the Deals link at the top just below the blog's logo. More coming next week, keep checking back regularly or subscribe to the blog. I'll be posting rare titles like All-Story, Super-Detective and many others. Take a look, you might find something that interests you.

Currently listing a couple of All-Story issues with Edgar Rice Burroughs in them.

Know a cool pulp I'm missing? Leave a comment in a post or drop me a message at pulpflakes+deals AT gmail DOT com (Don't forget to replace AT with @ and DOT with .)

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