Monday 19 August 2013

Altus Press' first release of James B. Hendryx's Black John books

Kindle Ebook version Kindle Ebook version Kindle Ebook version

Altus Press has released three Halfaday Creek books by James B. Hendryx. The stories are set in Halfaday Creek at the time of the Yukon gold rush. Halfaday Creek is a refuge for outlaws on the run from the law, and is located conveniently near the border so that they can slip across whenever necessary to avoid the lawman that comes after them. One of the customs of Halfaday Creek is that everyone who comes there picks up a new name from a supply on the bar. This is to avoid confusion with too many John Smiths turning up there.

While the residents are outlaws, Black John, a prospector, and Cushing, the saloon keeper, run Halfaday Creek and ensure that crime is dealt with so that the law does not pay too much attention to Halfaday Creek.  

Justice among these outlaws is rough and ready, and some of the funniest scenes are the trials with miners as the jury and audience and Black John as prosecutor and judge rolled into one. Most of the time Black John manages to help the law in his own unique way, as often as not profiting from the transaction.

If you want to sample before buying, you can do that

These stories are hard to get, and this reprint collection is one of the best pieces of work there is. I’ve gotten the ebooks and the hardcovers. You can get them here. (If you don't see the links, please turn off your ad-blockers (at least for this site))

Kindle Ebook version Kindle Ebook version Kindle Ebook version

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